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Leon's Concept COP Blaster Kit

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:54 am    Post subject: Leon's Concept COP Blaster Kit Reply with quote


I'm doing a limited run of Leon's Concept Version COP pistol, based on the simple line drawing made for the movie. Initially, the run was posted on the RPF but of course folks around here are welcome to get in on it! Background and details about the project can be found in the build thread.


Info & details:

    Each body kit will be printed in professional-grade engineering resin. This has better durability than most print resins and a gorgeous print surface virtually free of 'print lines'. Grips will be printed in clear resin- when coated with something like Tamiya Clear Orange will match Deckard's PKD. (Note: It looks 'frosted' until you hit it with a clear coat.)

    The kit has a moving trigger and working barrel break, opened by a spring-loaded lever on the top, like the real COP.

    The main receiver is mostly hollow, in case someone wants to add a light or something.

    The model can be assembled mostly without glue if you want. The grip can attach to the receiver with a long screw if you tap the M4 (or #8 imperial) hole.

    The four barrels should be wide enough to take .357 dummy ammo (I don't have easy access to shells, so I can't check, but I modeled them after 357 specs.)

Kit includes:

    All needed resin parts, and one clear grip.

    Push-button for the trigger. (can also be used if you wire up electronics)

    Grip screw (M4 or #8 Imperial- please specify which you need) if you want to tap the receiver and screw on the grip.

    4mm aluminum rod for the barrel break hinge.

For the barrel-break latch, you need a spring from a ball point pen. (It's less wasteful if you just take one from an old pen over me having to buy and destroy a bunch of new, working ones!)

Working with printed resin is pretty much like with regular casting resin. If you need tips on finish and paint, let me know and I'll send you some info.

Also note that the dark grey rubber grip in the photos is currently not available, unless at least 2-3 people request it because I need a minimum to order a cartridge. So far, folks only seem to want the clear grip.

One kit is $225. Shipping is $20. (If you get two or more kits, I will spring for the shipping cost.)

I also offer a grip painting service for an additional $75. (My recommendation is otherwise to use Tamiya Orange clear OR if you prefer a rattle-can, the stuff you can use to touch up turn signals/blinkers on cars.)

If you want a kit, send a PM titled "BR LEON" and I will send Paypal info. Also note that these will print and ship out in batches, with each taking a few weeks to make and ship. (Painted grips will take longer.)

Cheers and thanks for the support!

Grips (after painting with Tamiya orange, I send them out white/clear as standard)


A link to some of my stuff
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